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My Brother My Enemy   My Brother, My Enemy
America and the Battle of Ideas across the Islamic World

"Philip Smucker has written a deeply reported and engaging account of his long journey across the worlds of Islam from Iraq to Indonesia (and even to Timbuktu!). During that journey he delivers a lively account of the state of play between the West and the 'Muslim world' that will be of great interest to readers of all types. A terrific read with many wise things to say about the often difficult nature of the Western-Islamic relationship." --Peter Bergen, author of Holy War, Inc. and The Osama bin Laden I Know.

"My Brother, My Enemy is a riveting, first-hand account of the war on terror--and what has gone wrong with it--since 9/11. Philip Smucker has met, talked to, and even lived with Jihadists from Yemen to Iraq, Timbuktu to Waziristan. He tells the story of what happens when America goes abroad 'in search of monsters to destroy.'" --Paul Wood, BBC Mideast Correspondent, Jerusalem

"Drawing on interviews with students, journalists, and soldiers on all sides, the author argues cogently that decades of wrongheaded American policy--propping up oppressive demagogues in the region and America's persistent failure to assertively pursue Israeli-Palestinian peace-- have been instrumental in sowing anti-U. S. animus", Publishers Weekly

"What do they think? What do they think about us? Why? Smucker Answers those questions without sugarcoating, without glossing over the tought stuff. He's one for nuance and poetry along with facts and hard evidence. " -- Sarah Holewinski, Executive Director, Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC)

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BookCover   "Al Qaeda's Great Escape: The Military and the Media on Terror's Trail"

"The book is a devastating critique of Bush, Rumsfeld, other politically oriented strategists imposing their will on U.S. military forces and -- as the subtitle suggests -- quite a few of Smucker's fellow journalists. The critique is delivered with such a humor and irony, however, that casual readers could easily underestimate its full impact. For all but the most avid Bush-Rumsfeld detractors, the humor and irony will be welcome. Smucker is a superb stylist; it is difficult to grasp how reading about something so depressing can be so much fun. The book instructs pleasurably...." -- Steve Weinberg, author and professor of Journalism, U. of Missouri, reviewed in Washington Post.

"Much more literate than most journalistic accounts, this book is not for ideologues at either end of the spectrum, as the struggle for balance and perspective is visible on every page..." -- Publisher's Weekly

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